QwikBanners is the quickest banner making alternative to RelayThat

Do you know customers find RelayThat slow and buggy? Upon a casual feedback interview from ex-RelayThat users, who are now proudly our customers, we discovered that user experience they met at RelayThat was not all good, troublesome might fit it.

It's better more intuitive, move image in varying sizes. RelayThat I used for a while but it get stuck all too often, and if you make changes in one sizing it affects the other sizes as well. QwikBanners is much more streamlined and easy to use I've found.
As an author who does all of his own marketing and promo work, Qwikbanners saves me loads of time in creating effective banners images all sorts of sizes.
Easy to make and modify text for campaigns or create ads for my membership site. Extremely simple to use backed by excellent support.


How we fare better?

Yet another “design” software, RelayThat is a complex and pricey brand management solution for advertising and marketing. And trust us when we say RelayThat is “PRICEY”. On QwikBanners, we have a free trial and the minimum pricing plan starts at $10 per month which is literally less than half the price RelayThat offers. 

QwikBanners is an efficient and better alternative to RelayThat. There is nothing to be learnt before mastering the art of creating beautiful display ads. Every beginner is a professional and can professionally create just about anything. No more unnecessary menus and complicated editors to mislead you and waste your time.

We proudly hold a good customer satisfaction and approval rating

We have everything you need to get started. Don’t torture yourself with long and boring tutorials on how to create a banner or a display ad. Just pick the template that suits your business from hundreds of professionally pre-designed templates and instantly start editing until you find satisfaction in your image.

We define fast. Can you imagine how long it would take to create multiple sizes for an image? We make sure that no time is wasted while creating on QwikBanners. Which is why with QwikBanners you can easily create and edit multiple sizes simultaneously. The possibility of having multiple sizes allows you the opportunity to advertise on every major digital platform.

The worst part about RelayThat is that they do not allow you to try before you buy, no pun intended. Their pricing starts at $25 per month. Unlike QwikBanners, RelayThat is not made for everyone. At QwikBanners, you only pay for what you need and it costs you as low as $10 per month! Start using our user friendly banner software and begin creating like a pro!

Making banners is really easy with QwikBanners

No matter what people say, marketing and advertising is not easy. We understand the troubles that follow a digital marketing campaign which is why we are here for you. Strategising and planning the campaign alone is a huge task and when this meets the additional requirement of creating displays, it can be a tiresome and hectic journey. Like this was not already enough, now you have to resize your creative displays every time you want to use it on a different platform. All in all, it’s pretty frustrating. QwikBanners eases more than 50% of your campaign management tasks related to banner creation and sizing. When working with QwikBanners, you can simultaneously create, edit and download multiple sizes which saves you unimaginable time and keeps you energised.

Celebrations are always around the corner

Don’t raise an eyebrow, raise a glass because that is what you will have time for after you’ve started using QwikBanners! With profound research, we’ve created effective professional looking templates pertaining to events and festivals just for you. There are quite a few readymade templates approved by conventional industry professionals. You can easily pick one that suits your campaign and start rolling!

We are different and different is good

QwikBanners is a unique juxtaposition of design softwares. Online or Offline, Canva or Photoshop, you name it and we’ll show you how we are different from them! And be informed that you will end up appreciating our economical approach to tackling problems with display banner creativity. QwikBanners is certainly something that you’ve never tried before.

Multiple sizes ready in single click

Comparing with RelayThat, QwikBanners creates multiple banner sizes at once
QwikBanners creates multiple banner sizes at once

QwikBanners enables you to create incredible ads for your marketing campaigns in multiple sizes. You don’t have to leave any platform untouched because there is always a display banner for that platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, anything that comes to your mind, just name it and we have you covered with the multiple sizes you’ve downloaded. No need to lag anymore because you can’t find a graphic designer! Join the DIY gang to save time and money.

Creativity at its best

Do you know how creativity works? Neither do we! That is what is best about creativity, right? You never know when the creative surge will hit you and how good it can be. It is upsetting and unacceptable for someone to get blocked out of creativity because of technical and physical limitations. So, we’ve tried our best to minimize its results. This is something we kept in mind while creating QwikBanners which is why when you work on QwikBanners, you have mind-boggling freedom with creation.

Your success starts here

Easy and intuitive editor helps you create marketing banners in a jiffy!

We take pride in the service we offer. Our goal is to empower you on your road to success. With QwikBanners you will never find yourself stuck and alone. You never have to start from a blank with our professionally pre-designed templates. Best-in-class banner designs excellently match your marketing campaign themes. We provide everything you need to create anything you can imagine. 

An extended 15 days free trial awaits you, go ahead give it a spin here.

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