A/B Ad Testing With Different Creatives Can Energize Your Brand

While ads are the way to go about promotion, it is never smooth sailing. When the concept came into fruition, the first ad had the highest CTR of 44%. Ever since, the CTR of any ad has never been able to come close to this number, let alone surpass it. This is what has made ad testing crucial. Let me just ask you this – Are your banner ads at least meeting your expectations? Are they generating you traffic like they should be? Or are they just wasting your money? In this brutal world of marketing with such a tight competition in ads, what are you doing differently that would make your ads stand out from the plethora of ads being displayed beside yours on the same website? If you find yourself on the worst end of these questions then A/B Testing is your solution!

Banner A/B testing is highly recommended

This is a revolutionary ad testing method where you create subtle variations in your ads until you find something that your clients agree is better than the rest of the creatives in your sample size. It is this effective method of A/B testing that optimizes a range of digital materials and creates sly differences. Changing a single word in your CTA can increase your CTR by as much as 161%. Doubtlessly, this is a very efficient method of creating ads, but still, there are many who don’t do it or aren’t aware of it. Surprisingly, even from those who do it, there are very few doing it rightly.

Is A/B Ad Testing Hard?

A/B testing should be simple, in fact it is one of the more simpler but effective methods of making advertisements. Unfortunately, marketers around the world clearly miss out on equipping themselves with the right tools for ad testing. Here at QwikBanners, we provide you with the necessary equipment to further simplify this simple task which many find extremely laborious. Today, with A/B testing by your side, you can create and test out any number of variations for every design. It does not matter if this design is for your websites or ads.

More often than not, people seem to think that the process for A/B testing is super-complicated and tiresome, but that’s just the opinion of those who don’t have the right tools at their disposal. The tools we provide here for ad testing, make this process as easy as it can be. It is understandable why you would think that this isn’t even a really important matter of high priority when it comes to marketing, but rest assured, this could be one of the reasons why your brand is lagging behind in the competition.

Why Should You A/B Test Your Ads?

A/B testing informs you of insights that you simply cannot ignore if you want to optimise your creation to provide you with a comparatively high CTR and ROI. And everything related to A/B testing is a matter of having profound and knowledgeable research. Yes, it is just that and if you know what you are looking for, it is easier for you to find it. Once you gather the data, you establish a protocol depending on your product-client relationship and testing it out until you’ve finally made a positive impact and found a satisfactory number on your CTR and ROI. The best part is you can continue to further work on ad testing until you’ve decided on a perfect ad to showcase your brand or product.

Ad Testing is Key! It Gives You The Upper Edge!

Two different ad creatives / design courtesy – Janna Hagan

Old days are gone when you used to wait for a typical banner to print and it would take forever. It was a real headache to go through it again if you only had to test out a simple variation. However, this is the digital age and it literally takes seconds to change designs with QwikBanners. If you don’t catch up to speed with the time, someone else will! And you will end up wondering what had gone wrong. This is a very simple and brief guide just to help you understand how important A/B testing is for ads and how they can impact your business and brand in a very positive way.

How to go about A/B Testing Variations?

Have you ever tried A/B testing for your banner ads? Here are some exceptional A/B testing ideas to get you started! You can try them and you will feel a positive change which the numbers in your analysis will confirm. This guide will inform you of the various elements in an ad that majorly manipulates it’s CTR. The purpose of ad testing is for people to inculcate the best practices concerning in your own designs. Come and start out on this journey of success with A/B testing.

It is important to note that different ads appeal to different kinds of audiences. Just because certain ads worked for someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they would also work for you. With that said, lets dive into the fun part!

Here are The Best Elements to Try Ad Testing Variations on!

You can create countless number of variations for your ads using A/B testing. Nonetheless, you still need to be mindful of the few researched variations which will surely impact your CTR. Take a look below to see what they are so you can change them readily in your designs.

different headlines for same ad


The first powerful, yet simplest thing to create a variation is the heading or the headline of your banner ad. It is, in many ways, the first impression for your brand which will grab attention. Test different lengths for the headline, but try to keep it short and sweet. You can also play around with the colour, contrast, font-size, and the location of the headline in the page. Also, use it to raise a question that implies that your product is the solution. You can also highlight the benefits offered by your product. All these changes will help in converting visitors on the landing page.


You can have the best heading with unmatched content but it won’t get you very far if the people find the font to be repulsive, or much worse, can’t read it. It is paramount that you A/B Test enough variations even for your fonts. You can rightly mix fonts to highlight something and make it stand out. Both visually and conveyance wise, font variations in Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia and Arial among many others can help you find the best match. This is one of the more flexible options for A/B Testing which entitles you to creativity without limits. Just remember not to exaggerate it because you have to keep it simple and sweet to be relatable most of the time.

different visuals for ads


Another important design aspect of a good ad with a high CTR is its background image. There is practically no limit on how many variations you can try with them. Not only the background image but also the background colour, if you have one in your banner designs, is a good potential for A/B Testing. You can continue to experiment with variations in them until you find something that compliments and defines you as a brand. It is best to use the ones that outclass every other design for marketing purposes. Remember to use high quality images that are relevant to your product or our brand to further increase the CTR. Colourful, appealing and relevant images are the secret behind excellent banners and ads.


As mentioned earlier, you can increase the ctr of your ads upto 162% with a single word change in your ad’s CTA. It is arguably one of the most significant aspects of an advert. research shows that some CTA fare better than the rest. For example, CTAs like “Buy Now”, etc. have proven themselves to drive traffic away and discourage people from clicking on them. Instead, CTAs that generate curiousity like “Learn More”, etc. have the opposite effect and people get enchanted into clicking them and finding out more about what you have to offer. Beware though, don’t get carried away and create a CTA that tricks people into clicking your ads but denies them access to what they clicked.

I created and A/B tested my Ads. What Next?

Now that you have the optimised design for your ad, you better take a look on where you want to publish them. It is time for you to A/B testing to your networks. Every network specialises in hosting a different userbase. Even though you can post and advertise your banners comfortably anywhere, it is advisable to follow the ones you are most familiar with just to generate precise and relevant traffic. This is where you can apply A/B testing to vary your publication platforms for further optimisation.

After creating the best optimised ad, it is only reasonable that you get the utmost quality of traffic for it. Apart from A/B testing your platforms, you can also test other publishing options like variations in the time of day or segments in which your ads are displayed. The data you gather from these variations will help you make a hypothesis and predict the future of your advert efficiently to improve on the ROI.

Where to Easily Create Different Banners for A/B Testing?

I know what you are thinking, isn’t all this supposed to be simple? And you are right. Which is why we at QwikStudios provide you with a unrivalled tool for ad creation in QwikBanners to ease the process of A/B testing. You can test your banners and ads for different social platforms and different website segments effortlessly. QwikBanners allows unlimited downloads so that creativity is never hampered and you need not be cautious about your usage limits even while creating infinite variations for your ads.

We are trusted by thousands of our loyal users who have grown their businesses and have become a reputed brand since integrating QwikBanners in their workflows. To be able to create 10 sizes at once helps the user speedrun the tedious and elongated process of A/B Testing. With an increased CTR and ROI on ads, we rank among the best!

An extended 15 days free trial awaits you, go ahead give it a spin here.


There is no perfect way to create ads and banners, but you can certainly use these insights to provide your business with a brand-new outlook. These are just a few tips on things that you can vary when creating your ads when A/B testing your ideas. For A/B testing, it is safe to say that sky is the limit and you need to fly high!

And that brings us to the conclusion. A brief and precise way for you to understand the deceptively simple concept of A/B testing. Want to find out more about how QwikBanners can help your brand adverts with A/B testing? Contact us now! Don’t hesitate and miss out on this rejuvenating opportunity for your brand.

Images courtesy Freepik and Pixabay

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